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Bienvenue et merci d'avoir inscrit votre (s) enfant (s) à BONNESMANIÈRES (MANNERS4MINORS™). Vous en apprendrez davantage sur le programme, l'appli, ainsi que le graphique des récompenses. Vous remarquerez que les enfants sont captivés par ce qu'ils apprennent et qu'ils veulent partager ce qu'ils ont appris  durant la semaine. 














Si vous n'avez pas encore inscrit votre enfant au programme BONNESMANIÈRES, tout simplement

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We would definitely like you to post this incident on your Facebook page to make more mommies & daddies aware and to also show that your programme truly makes a difference.

The day before school closed for the holidays, 5 children were playing inside the playground area at school, next to the fence. A Vehicle pulled up and rolled down the windows. Two men sitting in the front started taking photos of these little children playing at the fence. The children did not think anything thereof, except our little girl (age 5), who immediately ran to a teacher and reported it. The principal did get the men to delete the photos but no explanation could be given why they were there. On collecting my daughter that afternoon I was told how proud the school is of her and that she was so brave. When I discussed this incident with my daughter, I asked her what made had made her go tell a grownup? She answered that Miss Manners had taught her that no strangers are supposed to take photos of her and if you feel uneasy you should tell a grownup. Out of these little girls and boy, only my child realised the danger of the situation. She was also the only one in the group who attended Miss Manners's lessons.

We are so blessed and truly thankful for Miss Manners teaching our daughter these crucial and important lessons each week. If it wasn't for Miss Manners's lessons no one would have been aware of this dangerous situation.

We want to give a huge thanks to Miss Manners for making a difference in our precious daughter's life!!

Thanks so very much!

Congratulations to our Learner of the Year 2019, little Zian!

While he and his family were visiting friends, his 2-year-old baby sister slipped past the adults into the pool area and fell in.

Zian, a 4-year-old Manners4Minors learner, saw what had happened and he remembered the "Help there is an emergency lesson" given by his Miss Manners, Darlene Smith, Bedforview. He shouted at the top of his lungs for an adult to help. His sister had already gone completely under the water. Due to Zian’s ability to remember what his Miss Manners taught him to do, mommy was able to respond quickly and jumped into the pool. We are happy to report that Zian’s little sister was unharmed due to his reaction.

MANNERS4MINORS™ is so proud to award Learner of the Year, to Zian for his bravery. A special mention must also go to Darlene, whose lesson changed the outcome of an event that could have ended quite differently.

Not only was Zian given this award, but also has been selected as the winning entry from parents who submitted entries to the “How Manners4Minors has affected our Family” competition – entitling him to a term free tuition. Well done young man. We are extremely proud of you.

Head of Curro Rosen Castle  –  Sally Langerman

Manners4Minors™ is a stunning programme!! I have been involved with Manners4Minors™ for 10 plus years now and honestly wouldn’t run a pre-primary without the programme, it really does make a difference in the lives of the children.”

Department Of Education – Acting Director General

“On behalf of the Department of Basic Education may I take this opportunity to thank you for pioneering the Manners4Minors™ program.  The DBE evaluation has confirmed that the program is aligned to the CAPS Life Skills curriculum for Foundation Phase.”

Principal of Bedfordview Primary School

“Manners4Minors™ has had a positive impact on the children at our school. On the playground and in the classroom the children are able to identify each others positive and negative behaviour by relating it to the puppets. The children are going home and telling their parents what they have learnt. This in turn helps parents at home, as well as the teachers at our school, as the Manners4Minors™ lessons are impacting on our children. We are pleased to see a variety of materials and teaching aids used in the lessons, as this keeps the children interested and enthusiastic. They certainly look forward to their visit by Miss Manners. Thank you for a worthwhile programme and for ensuring that a large number of important topics are covered and taught.”

Claudia Mitchell – Parent

I would like to send a big Thank You to Miss Manners who facilitates the programme at Little Porcupine & Friends in Brackenhurst. My son, Jarred has attended Manners4Minors™ since 2014 and absolutely loves Miss Manners and their weekly classes. I have seen a big change in his attitude and in the way that he incorporates their weekly lessons at home. He has learnt so much and is always super excited to tell us about what he has learnt. I have also seen a big change in his behaviour as he makes it a point to behave in order to receive his stars on a Thursday morning. Thank you for such a wonderful programme and Jarred will definitely be attending the 2016 classes.

iThemba  Academy

Manners4Minors™  has been very necessary for the children at iThemba  Academy in terms of teaching them to interact  with their  peers in an appealing, appropriate manner.   It has definitely introduced the children  to the importance of considering those around  them  in order to receive  social  acceptance and appreciation from society. The Manners4Minors™ Reward Chart  has worked  well  in our classes  and the children  are always  excited  to get their  rewards  each week according to how far up the star chart they have climbed.

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